St. Vincent dePaul Society

     To assist the poor and others in need

     in the community.

          Steve Wasserman

​          419-203-9518

Decorating Committee

     Assist in decorating the Church

     for the different liturgical seasons

     and other special occasions.

          Becky Salisbury


Finance Committee

     To oversee the finances of the

     Parish and to approve the annual

     budget and capital expenditures.

          Fr. Chris Bohnsack


Prayer Line

     A chain of prayers for anyone in need.  Someone calls a designated person, who calls a designated person, etc.

          Angie Renner, Parish Secretary

​          419-238-3979

Funeral Lunches

     A team of ladies, who arrange the

     meal following a funeral, if one is


          Carolyn Schneider


Endowment Committee

     Promote financial gifts to the

     Parish and the growth of the

     Endowment funds.

          Fr. Chris Bohnsack

​          419-238-3979


     To supply the physical and

     practical needs for the celebration

     of Liturgies

          Jann Sheeran



     The program selected by the

     Diocese to screen employees and

     volunteers, who may work with

     children and to make the entire

     parish aware of the signs of child


          Karissa Rutkowski

          Safe Environment Screening

               Compliance Officer


Natural Family Planning

     To educate couples of the natural

     life cycles for postponiing families

     or for those seeking pregnancy.

          Jen & Matt Schrader


St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School

     The only option for a Christ

     centered education in Van Wert

     County for Kindergarten and

     Grades 1-6.  While adhering to

     the teachings of the Catholic

     Church, our school is open to

     children of all faiths.

          Dan Metzger, Principal

​          419-238-5186

Engaged Couples

     A team which informs engaged

     couples about married life.  This is

     a required course before

     marriage.  We offer it, usually, in

     February.  Call the Parish

     Secretary to schedule the date of

     your wedding at least six months

     before your desired date.

          Angie Renner, Parish Secretary



     To maintain the beauty of the

     church grounds.

          Judy Nieman


Liturgy of the Word for Children

     A team of lay people, who proclaim the

     Word of God using an approved

     children's lectionary.  Reflection and

     General Intercessions are designed for

     children K-2nd grade.

         Lora Karcher

​         419-203-2421


     To maintain the grounds of the

     Parish Church and School

          Dewey Fuerst


Catholic Ladies of Columbia

     For women of the Parish.  Meets the

     2nd Tuesday of the month, April to

​     December at 6:45 PM in the Holy

     Family Room.

          Jan Kiepper, 419-605-7237

​          Jeannie Stoller, 419-238-2115

Liturgy Committee

     To coordinate Devotional and

     Worship services in accordance

     with current liturgical practices.

          Fr. Chris Bohnsack, Pastor


Bingo Committee

     Bingo is played every Sunday,

     and Tuesday at the

     K of C Hall, 425 Woodland

     Avenue.  Games begin at 6:15 PM,

     with doors opening at 4 PM.

          Ed Fox


 Parish Life 

     Promote spiritual and social

     growth through various activities.

          Sherryl Proctor

          (419) 576-7855

For information and news from any of the committees and organizations, click on the underlined title.

Strategic Planning Committee

     To create and monitor a Master Plan

     for the growth of St. Mary's Parish--no

     active committee at this time.

Pastoral Council

     To serve in an advisory role to the

     Parish in decisions regarding the

     current and future direction of the


          (248) 227-5176



Knights of Columbus

     For men of the Parish.  

Meetings the 3rd Wednesday of the month, September-May at 8 PM in the K of C Hall,

425 Woodland Avenue, Van Wert.

          Sam Laurant, Grand Knight



     Members of the Team are the

     presenters of the topics covered

     in the RCIA classes and are

     sharers of faith.  

          Karissa Rutkowski


Youth Ministry

     Enrichment in faith and spirituality

     for Grades 9-12.

       2018-2019 Schedule

          Julia Reichert


Building and Maintenance Committee

     Maintains the Church and School


          Dave Hohman


St. Mary's Parish School of Religion (SOR)

     Formal religious education for

     children in Grades 1-8, who do

     not attend the Catholic School.

          Karissa Rutkowski


Music Committee

     To coordinate liturgical music for

     all seasons.


​               Not currently active

          Contemporary Music

               Steve Wasserman



               Julia Miller

​               419-238-9409