‚Äč     We speak of "having faith" or "keeping the faith", but faith is not really something one does or does not have.  Rather, it is a process of becoming--a process of growing into the likeness of our Creator.

     Although knowledge is not faith, the two go together.  Through the joint efforts of home, school, and parish, our children obtain a formal knowledge of the truths of Christian revelation.  They enjoy regular opportunities for the deepening of religious dedication through the Mass, the sacraments, and prayer--perhaps a better opportunity to be close to the liturgical life of the Church than some may have at any other time in their lives.Our children learn that faith is not separate from life; but rather, an integral part of life.

     St. Mary's School does not just teach a set of facts and figures, but imparts a Catholic Christian attitude toward life so our children will not merely be shaped by history, but will themselves shape history--to make present the Kingdom of God in the world.

Thanks to all who volunteered and for those who participated in the Auction