Confirmation of Children is usually

     celebrated in Junior High with previous

     years of preparation.  If your child was not

     confirmed for any reason,

     call 419-238-3079.


Confirmation FAQs

Hotel Information


    Confirmation of Adults is usually celebrated

     after study and preparation.  The rite is

     celebrated at Rosary Cathedral, Toledo.  

     Call 419-238-3079


     Times of confessions

     6:30 PM Tuesday

     3:00-3:30 PM Saturday

     By appointment


    First Reconciliation

          First Reconciliation is usually celebrated in

          the second grade after preparation in the

          first and second grade.  For older children,

          call 419-238-3079.



​     Contact the parish at least six 

         months prior to your proposed

          wedding date to begin


     Engaged Couples


Anointing of the Sick

     Communal Anointing of the Sick

​          is held three times a year

     Individual Anointing at any time

​         Call 419-238-3979


    First Communion

          First Communion is usually celebrated in

          the second grade after preparation in the

          first and second grade.  For older

          children, call 419-238-3079.



First Communion FAQs

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     Sacraments are the means and form for the transformation of our lives, to live a life of holiness, to be holy as God created us to be.   Although there should be "sacramental" times all throughout each day, we celebrate seven as a whole Church. Each of the seven sacraments is visible or sensibly perceptible.  However, the Sacraments are not just signs or symbols.  They manifest beyond the visible.  They are real, bringing about what they say.

     For instance, in Baptism, we see, hear, and feel flowing water and hear the words of Baptism.  In the Eucharist we take God's creation of wheat and grapes and we contribute our human stamp on them as they are made into bread and wine, and then we offer back to God.  We recall our story as we hear it in the Scriptures and we experience the words of Jesus at the Last Supper as he blesses, breaks and shares his Body and Blood and tells his followers to do this, all of this, and make memory.  

     The reception of the Sacraments commits us to live a Christ-like life.  It is more than just a social obligation, "going through the motions" of attending Mass on Sunday and going to confession once or twice a year.  Each day is meant to be lived, drawing upon the grace we have received, to most closely enter into union with Christ, whose name we bear as Christians.

Holy Orders

     Vocations Office of the Diocese of


     Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Singler, D.Min.,

​         419-244-6711


     Request the Baptism of a child

          Baptisms may be celebrated during or

          after any weekend Mass.  Instructions

          for parents having their first child

          baptized are held the first Thursday of

          each month at 6:30 PM.

​               Call 419-238-3079

     Request the Baptism of

     an adult

          RCIA is the normal path to initiation into

          the Catholic Church

               Call 419-238-3079