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In order to fulfill the Parish Mission, we put our faith into action everyday.  At St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, there are many ways our parishioners can serve God as they serve our Parish.  To get involved, please contact us.

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The Liturgy of the Word is a celebration of God's word, present among God's people.  We take seriously the way God has chosen to communicate with us--not just through the reading of the Scriptures privately, but in community through the living human voice of lector, deacon, and priest.  

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

The Liturgy of the Eucharist is our celebration of the paschal meal.  Just as Christ "gave" his body and blood to the apostles, the apostles and those who succeeded them have presented the eucharist to the faithful. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the priest in the distribution of the eucharist at Mass and some also take the eucharist to the homebound.

Altar Servers 

Altar Servers have been around since Old Testament times.  They help to get things ready for celebration and help the celebration go smoothly.  They help the priest with vestments, lighting candles, carrying books used at Mass, ringing bells and clearing the table after the sacred meal.  However, they are much more than waiters--they are active participants in the celebration.  And more than anything else, the altar server is a prayer leader for the assembly of the faithful.

Music, Art, and Architecture

We approach our worship of God in seriousness.  The beauty we offer, the richness of our symbols, and the enthusiasm of our beings reflects the importance of what we do. It has been said that one can tell the general level of spirituality of a faith community by the way it worships.  If that is true, the music and singing and the welcoming and inspiration of our space brings us to a higher level of worship.

Homebound, Hospital, and Nursing Home Ministry

Because not everyone is able to attend Mass due to health problems, this ministry offers those parishioners an opportunity to receive Holy Communion, obtain assistance with household tasks, and/or just provide a friendly face and pleasant conversation to lift the spirits of those in need.



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