COME JOIN US TO SUPPORT LIFE!!  Pregnancy Life Center and community churches are once again sponsoring a “Mini Walk For Life” in Van Wert, January 18, 2019; in conjunction with the National March for Life in Washington DC.  Let us show our support for God’s greatest gift of Life.  

Yes we are just one little town and most of us never have the opportunity to go to DC to March but we can make a difference in our community.  Let us show our support for those who have no voice, that child of a mother in such dire straits she feels she has nowhere to turn or no support.  YOU can a DIFFERENCE.  

Science proves that each of these babies and each of us 
are  UNIQUE FROM DAY ONE: Pro-Science is Pro-Life, as this years' theme states.   See resources below. Let us help prevent the loss of a special person who could change the world. 

Now is your chance to attend this rally and learn more about this peaceful movement.  This year's speaker will be Dr. Matt Miller. Even if you cannot do the short walk come to the K of C for lunch and the prayer service. All proceeds will be donated to the Pregnancy Life Center.  


Endowment for Human Development Prenatal Timeline 

WebMD Fetal Development Month by Month 

20 Best Pregnancy Apps 

A Scientific View of When Life Begins | Lozier Institute  

When Human Life Begins | American College of Pediatricians

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