Important information from Fr. Chris & St. Mary's

Ways to support St. Marys:

St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church


601 Jennings Road, Van Wert, OH  45891


Be aware that there is someone pretending to be Fr. Chris sending out texts and emails. He states that he "needs a favor" and asks you to buy things such as itune cards, etc. and states that he will "pay you back" later. Delete these texts and emails right away because it is a scam perpetrated by a criminal that wants to steal your money. Fr. Chris would never send such a request through social media.  He would speak to you personally through a phone call or face to face.

Daily Scripture Readings

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Our Mission statement:   

We, as a parish family, commit ourselves to grow in our faith, to share what we know,

and to be an everlasting light, drawing others to Christ by living His gospel.

The Diocese has outlined the following guidelines:

We will limit the capacity of the Church to 50% of the available seating by leaving every other pew unoccupied​;

Other than family/household members who live together, worshippers should be seated 6 feet apart in all directions;

The cry room and sick room will be closed at this time;

For the Communion procession, proper social distancing can be maintained by limiting the procession to a single file keeping 6-foot intervals.

​More can be found in the letter sent home, or there is a copy  here.

Mass Schedule

Weekend Masses

4 pm Saturday

8:30 am Sunday

10:30 am Sunday

Weekday Masses

6 pm Tuesday

8:45 am Wednesday

8:45 am Thursday

​8:45 am Friday


6:30 PM Tuesday
3:00-3:30 PM Saturday
​By Appointment


8:00-5:30 PM Tuesday
3:00-3:30 PM Saturday
​By Appointment