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                           Pastoral Council

What is Pastoral Council?

It is an advisory committee of elected persons chosen by our parish members to assist our Pastor. Several items are discussed monthly concerning the overall function of the other parish committees and any topics that Father may wish to discuss.

Current topics include:

The Reid Group and Development group survey and how to move forward. This started in Dec. 2015 and early 2016.

The use of video screens inside the Sanctuary to assist with the Mass.  This demonstration was held August 4th 2016 at 6 pm after several announcements and approximately forty people attended. Good discussion took place after the meeting by those in attendance. No final action or decision will take place without further Parish input and Father's Blessing.

The acquisition of a Music Director for the Parish and results of the choir survey are being discussed. The music committee is creating a job description and application for which to advertise this current open position. 

A new position is currently open for an overall Communications Director the will coordinate the placement of information to our parish via website, bulletin, school, facebook, and other outside media sources. 

A new Bingo Committee was formed as was announced to assist Mr. Ed Fox. This group is formulating ways to have people assist in several different areas of bingo. This will hopefully take the burden off the few and get many more people involved.

The maintenance of buildings and grounds are continually discussed.

The Finance, Parish Life committees, St.Vincent DePaul Society, Knights of Columbus and Youth groups are continually being discussed as well as all other committees and groups that make St, Mary's of The Assumption Catholic Church and School a Great Place!.

Note: Please see the Church Bulletin for more information on Pastoral Council